Keto Mct Oil Powder - Clean MCT® Powder

Clean MCT® Powder is our best-selling pure C8 MCT oil in a convenient powder form. With a neutral flavor and superb mixability,

Clean MCT™ Powder is the perfect caprylic MCT powder for optimal performance and ideal convenience.

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Customer Reviews View on Amazon

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5 star
4 star
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Clean MCT® rapidly converts into ketones, thus trigging the body to burn fat as a primary fuel source. 


Clean MCT® is brain superfood and supports cognitive performance naturally.


Clean MCT® provides smooth, long lasting energy that won't end with a crash.


Clean MCT® has natural internal antibacterial properties which further supports gut health and weight management.


100% Pure c8 caprylic triglycerides

Clean MCT® Powder is made with pure C8 caprylic acid triglycerides extracted from certified non-GMO and sustainably harvested sources.

3x steam filtered

Clean MCT® Oil is extracted and processed using a patented steam-based filtering system which uses ZERO chemicals (hexane-free).


Clean MCT® Oil Powder stays true to its name by having a clean taste that seamlessly mixes into countless foods and beverages. 

Level Up Daily


Incorporating Clean MCT® Powder into your everyday routine is easy! Try some of these popular options.


Try blending grass-fed butter and Clean MCT® Powder into your coffee or tea for a frothy and delicious boost.

TIP: Sweeten with LevelUp Superlose™ for the perfect amount of sweetness without the extra calories.


Level up your homemade baked goods by incorporating Clean MCT® Powder for some of your favorite recipes. 

TIP: Incorporate LevelUp Superlose™ into your desserts to cut out the sugar without affecting sweetness.

Ingredient Breakdown

What's Inside Clean MCT® Powder

C8 Caprylic Acid Triglycerides
Cassava Root Powder

What our customers
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Good product, mixes well and really has no taste. Works great if taken before a workout, no stomach upset. I will buy again!

Verified Customer

With an over 65-pound weight loss on keto, I have added this to my tea and shake to help in reaching my goal weight. The last pounds are the hardest. It tastes great in tea, has helped in ketosis and adds energy. I broke through a plateau. It dissolves best if you stir it in slowly.

Verified Customer

Really like the convenience of the powder form and being Pure C8 with the prebiotic fiber and zero net carbs is a definite plus. .This is my second purchase and will definitely purchase in the future. 

Verified Customer

I love this MCT powder it makes my protein shakes creamy and rich tasting and cover any unpleasant earthy taste from my plant based protein powder. I love the fact I feel more full and for several hours longer than without this added in. It also bakes well in my keto baked goods. I am 2 years into my keto lifestyle and have been using many brands of MCT powder, this is my favorite value for quality.

Verified Customer

I had been looking for a C8 MCT Oil Powder for a while and even tried to get a friend of mine to make one. He had created and was producing an MCT oil (not in powder form), so I thought maybe he could do it. He explained that it was too complicated and there wasn’t enough demand for it. Thankfully, I came across this from LevelUp. It is pure C8 MCT Oil Powder, and that’s what you want. No messy oils to deal with! I will say that it doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but then again neither does any MCT oil product, really (except for LevelUp’s Grass-Fed Creamer —- check that out, too!). Mixes well and gives that boost of energy with your coffee for brain power throughout the day. And easy to travel with, since it’s a powder. I will typically mix a scoop of this with a couple scoops of LevelUp Grass-Fed Creamer for a tasty and nutritious coffee treat.

Verified Customer

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