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Clean MCT® Oil is 100% pure C8 MCT oil (caprylic acid medium chain triglycerides). It is a highly ketogenic fat metabolizing super-fuel for the brain and body. Harvested from non-GMO and sustainable sourced ingredients, Clean MCT simply is the best form of MCT available.



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Customer Reviews View on Amazon

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4 star
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Clean MCT® rapidly converts into ketones, thus trigging the body to burn fat as a primary fuel source. 


Clean MCT® is brain superfood and supports cognitive performance naturally.


Clean MCT® provides smooth, long lasting energy that won't end with a crash.


Clean MCT® has natural internal antibacterial properties which further supports gut health and weight management.


100% Pure c8 caprylic triglycerides

Clean MCT® Oil is pure C8 caprylic acid triglycerides extracted from certified non-GMO and sustainably harvested sources.

3x steam filtered

Clean MCT® Oil is extracted and processed using a patented steam-based filtering system which uses ZERO chemicals (hexane-free).

chemical-free packaging

Clean MCT® Oil is available in BPA-free plastic and amber glass bottles.

Level Up Daily


Incorporating Clean MCT® Oil into your everyday routine is easy! Try some of these popular options.


Try blending grass-fed butter and Clean MCT® Oil into your coffee or tea for a frothy and delicious boost.

TIP: Sweeten with LevelUp Superlose™ for the perfect amount of sweetness without the extra calories.


Try making your favorite homemade dressings with Clean MCT® Oil without extra flavors to mask.

TIP: Make LevelUp Egg Drop soup by boiling bone/beef broth and mix in one egg with Clean MCT® Oil!

Ingredient Breakdown

What's Inside Clean MCT® Oil

Servings Per Container:
3oz - Approx. 6 Servings
16oz - Approx. 32 Servings
32oz - Approx. 64 Servings

C8 Caprylic Acid Triglycerides
Nothing Else


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clean MCT® only for keto diets?
How is this different from regular MCT oil?
I put coconut oil in my keto coffee. How is this better?
Does this contain palm oil?
Are chemicals used when making Clean MCT®?
How much Clean MCT® oil should I consume?

What our customers
Have to say...

I just switched to this brand from another that was not pure C8 and I can already tell the difference in quality. It is very light with no flavor, blends wonderfully in my BPC and keeps me full for hours. Excited to see how it works long term!

Verified Customer

I did a TON of research on which MCT oil to buy, and I mean a TON. I like using the C8 version only, which is rapidly converted to ketones. Clean MCT is wonderful, because it is C8 only, and in a GLASS BOTTLE. Which is huge. Love this product so so much, and have reordered (in a bigger size to boot!)

Verified Customer

I continue to use CLEAN MCT and probably will for the rest of my life. My Bulletproof coffee is a regular part of my morning and I sometimes put some CLEAN MCT on a salad. I have tried about five different ones as I have educated myself about MCT oil over the last few months and I really think I have finally found the MCT oil that has all of the qualities I want plus a great price.

Verified Customer

Seeing amazing results with weight loss and higher energy levels. For someone with under active thyroid and feeling tired all the rime- this has been very helpful. I am so happy with what l have seen so far and its only been a month. Already have second order for my husband and parents.

Verified Customer

I recently started a Keto diet as it has been gaining popularity... so i decided to give it a shot. I usually do a lot of research before getting a new product and from what i read, pure C8 is the best of the best in regard to MCT oil. It shows to be good for ketogenesis, cognitive performance, metabolism and so forth...i was honestly surprised to notice the effects from a product like this. My focus and overall energy improved, i wasn't feeling hungry all day as i put this in my coffee, salad dressing.. this allowed me to drop 15 lbs. clean along with my new diet and workout routine. This is a solid product to have on hand.

Verified Customer

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