Grass-Fed Keto Protein


Grass-Fed Keto Protein is delightfully simple as it sounds; a protein powder supplement designed for the ketogenic lifestyle featuring the purest grass-fed ingredients. While other supplement companies are looking to enlarge your vitamin cabinet, we at LevelUp strive to consolidate your needs into the most versatile supplements possible.

Grass-Fed Keto Protein is a genuine and pure formula packed with the keto-dieter’s staple ingredients and nothing more. No fillers. No chemicals. No empty promises.This is quality at its finest.‍‍‍

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LevelUp® Keto Protein is a perfect balance of grass-fed collagen, whey protein isolate, and Clean MCT® oil. Perfect for meal replacement shakes, recovery shakes, and delicious keto dessert recipes. 


Keto Protein Pancakes

Keto Coconut Protein Bites

Chocolate Hummus


A supplement should enhance your life while providing convenience, and most importantly, great taste! That's exactly what LevelUp® Keto Protein strives to accomplish. Each serving will meet your nutritional goals while giving you peace of mind.

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Each day seems to go faster than the last. Use LevelUp® Keto Protein in your meal replacement shakes to fueled and out the door in no time.

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LevelUp® Keto Protein helps repair your muscles and connective tissues by supplying a balanced spectrum of amino acids derived from two premium protein sources.*

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Hunger can strike at a moments noticed. Don't reach for that Snickers you had stashed away in case of an emergency. Whip up a glass of LevelUp® Keto Protein and carry on, guilt-free.

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LevelUp® Keto Protein is formulated with Clean MCT® Oil, providing quality C8 MCT oil is every serving for highly ketogenic energy to keep you on track.

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LevelUp® Grass-Fed Keto Protein utilizes a blend of premium grass-fed bovine collagen protein and grass-fed whey protein isolate. This duo delivers a balanced, broad spectrum of amino acids which are used to execute hundreds, if not thousands, of processes in the body. 


Anyone on a ketogenic diet knows fat is king! LevelUp® Grass-Fed Keto Protein supplies both long and medium chain fatty acids to provide both immediate and sustained energy.


With a name like Keto Protein, being low carb is a no-brainer. Not only is LevelUp® Grass-Fed Keto Protein low carb, but it only has 1 net carb per serving.

Level Up Daily


LevelUp® Grass-Fed Keto Protein is easily integrated into day.

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Breakfast can be a hassle for many. LevelUp® Grass-Fed Keto Protein makes breakfast easy.

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LevelUp® Grass-Fed Keto Protein makes for an excellent post-workout recovery shake.

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Can't wait until dinner? Mix up a shake to hold you over! Just don't spoil your appetite. We hate getting emails from angry mothers. 

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LevelUp® Grass-Fed Keto Protein makes delicious sweet-tooth snacks. Get creative! Try blending with heavy whipping cream, ice, and a touch of almond butter!

Levelup keto protein powder in chocolate cream container

Ingredient Breakdown

What's Inside Grass-fed Keto Protein

Levelup keto protein powder supplement facts
Grass-fed Whey Protein Isolate
Grass-fed Bovine Collagen
Clean MCT® Oil
Grass-fed Butter
Natural Flavors

What our customers
Have to say...

I love that there is so much in this little package (collagen, MCT, grass-fed butter)! I smelled it while opening and didn't have high hopes about the chocolate flavor, but I was wrong. I generally make shakes with spinach, avocado, cashew milk and protein powder. I assumed this would be a rather bland shake. The flavor is quite nice. I will buy again.

Verified Customer

This is delicious and keeps me from feeling empty i use about 12 ounces cashew milk (which has the same nutrients/macros {comparable if not the same} as almond milk) because in my opinion it taste better than almond milk. Then i mix it with heaping scoops. Shake it up and add ive afterwards and I'm out the door. 

Verified Customer

vanilla keto protein powder next to a glass of strawberry smoothie

I bought this product not to long ago and I love it! I’m doing the keto diet and this taste very good. I purchased the Chocolate Cream and it has a nice taste and pretty filling. I blend it with ice and coconut milk or a little half and half. Sometimes I add some peanut butter or a few strawberries.. YUM! You also get quit a bit for the money which is the main reason I bought this in the first place. Definitely will buy again and I would totally recommend this.

Verified Customer

I recently ordered this product as I am new to the "keto life style." Was looking for a good meal replacement shake and this tastes delicious. I add it to unflavored almond milk with some cinnamon. Very good. Makes me want another later on in the day :-)

Verified Customer

I can't say enough good things about this protein. I've been on the Ketogenic Diet for over three years and this is the best "targeted" protein I have come across. It mixes really well, tastes fantastic, made with all grass-fed ingredients, contains prebiotic fiber and is sweetened with Monk Fruit, rather than sugar alcohols at only one gram of carbs per serving. Perfect! Definitely my new staple and I will be tying out some of LevelUp's other products from this line.

Verified Customer

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