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Clean MCT® Capsules

Clean MCT® Capsules

 Clean MCT® is unlike your standard, cheap, MCT oil. It is refined from natural sources using a patented steam-based filtering system that incorporates ZERO chemicals, extracting and purifying pure C8 caprylic acid triglycerides. The end result is the purest, cleanest, most ketogenic MCT oil available.

Now available in softgels for added convenience. 280 capsules per bottle!
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What is C8 MCT Oil

Medium-chain triglycerides are fats that have between 6 and 12 carbon molecules. There are four fats that are considered MCT. But, for supporting energy while following a ketogenic diet, C8 is regarded as the most effective.

This highly ketogenic MCT oil has several benefits. First, it can be used easily for energy rather than being stored as body fat. It can also support heart, digestive, and brain health. Athletes use pure C8 MCT oil to provide fast-acting energy to reduce muscle fatigue and increase endurance. MCTs help kick start the fat burning process, while keeping you full all day.

Try C8 MCT oil to support weight loss, mental clarity, better energy, and rapid ketone production.

What’s inside Clean MCT® Oil


Naturally filtered, pristine C8 caprylic acid triglycerides. To put this potency into perspective, C8 caprylic MCT makes up roughly 7% of the fat content in coconut. You would have to drink TWO CUPS of coconut oil just to get one tablespoon worth of Clean MCT® Oil. We don't blame you for wanting to take the simple route ;)

Don't be fooled by inferior products boasting their "high C8 MCT content" when in reality are secretly a blend of C8, C10, and even C12. With Clean MCT® Oil you get nothing more and nothing less. That's a promise.


The perfect vehicle to deliver your Clean MCT® Oil.

Clean MCT® Benefits

Clean MCT® Benefits


Clean MCT® rapidly converts into ketones, thus trigging the body to burn fat as a primary fuel source.


Clean MCT® is brain superfood and supports cognitive performance naturally.


Clean MCT® provides smooth, long lasting energy that won't end with a crash.


Clean MCT® has natural internal antibacterial properties which further supports gut health and weight management.

Product Highlights


Clean MCT® Oil is pure C8 MCT Oil extracted from certified non-GMO and sustainably harvested sources.


Clean MCT® Oil is extracted and processed using a patented steam-based filtering system which uses ZERO chemicals (hexane-free).


While comparable products only supply 90 capsules per container, Clean MCT® Capsules are jam-packed with 280 capsules per container!

Frequently Asked Questions about Clean MCT® Oil Capsules

Where does Clean MCT oil come from?

Clean MCT Oil is sourced from non-GMO coconuts, ensuring sustainability and quality.

Why is pure C8 better than regular MCT blends containing C8, C10, and C12?

Pure C8 MCT is preferred for its rapid absorption, energy-boosting, and cognitive properties. Pure C8 is considered the creme de la creme of MCT oils.

Is Clean MCT oil extracted using hexane or other chemicals?

No, Clean MCT Oil is manufactured using a proprietary chemical-free system. The end product is so pure and tasteless that it can be added to water without altering its taste.

Does Clean MCT oil require refrigeration?

No, Clean MCT oil remains stable at room temperature, making it convenient for everyday use and travel.

How can Clean MCT oil be used in daily routines?

Clean MCT Oil capsules are easy to take anywhere on the go!

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