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Clean NMN as nicotinamide mononucleotide is a rare derivative of the B-vitamin niacin that supports cellular vitality by acting as a NAD+ precursor: a compound that plays a vital role in energy production, metabolism, and gene expression in the human body.


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Our body's ability to repair DNA stands decreases with age, which can result in a weaker defense system. NMN shows promising support by increasing NAD+, being essential for DNA repair.*

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As we age NAD+ levels decrease, resulting in lower energy levels, slower metabolism, and so forth. Clean NMN™ helps increase NAD+ levels to an optimal range.*

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Our physical energy level is a direct reflection of the activity of our cells. Slow cells = a slow body. Clean NMN™ helps rejuvenate you from a cellular level.*

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Supplementing with Clean NMN™ may help maintain the neural stem cell population, and restores skeletal muscle mitochondrial function.

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Clean NMN™ supports NAD+ biosynthesis, which naturally decreases with age. Within a matter of weeks, many users are able to achieve a notable difference in their wellbeing (results will vary and are dependent of age and true NAD+ depletion). A regimen of 6+ months is advised for optimal regeneration.


Clean NMN™ Powder is intended as a sublingual for optimal absorption. Capsules often contain unwanted additives and the active components can become rendered useless in the gut.


Clean NMN™ has the highest pharmaceutical-grade NMN available, with ultra-low levels of heavy metals and is free of mycotoxins.

Level Up Daily


Incorporating Clean NMN™ in your daily routine is easy!

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Simply place one scoop of Clean NMN™ under the tongue in the morning. It dissolves within a matter of seconds!

For optional energy levels and mental clarity, consume within one hour of coming LevelUp Clean MCT® Oil.

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For optional results, consume a second dose of Clean NMN™ early evening/late afternoon by placing a scoop under the tongue.

Clean NMN™can be taken without regard to meals.

Clean NMN™ is 100% pure and does not contain fillers, flavors, or additives of any kind whatsoever. It has a slightly sour taste which is minimal and dissipates quickly when absorbed under the tongue.

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Ingredient Breakdown

What's Inside Clean NMN™ Powder

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Clean NMN: Premium Nicotinamide Mononucleotide
Nothing Else


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What our customers
Have to say...

I've been taking NAD+ boosters for about a year now and notice more of the benefits the longer I take it. Happy to have found this LevelUp product as it is 100% pure powder, which I prefer over the capsules.

Verified Customer

Fantastic quality. The first time I purchased this was from another brand who ONLY sold NMN. Not even sure if it was legit or not. This seems to be exactly as described and as I've read online. I really feel better when I take it. It's not stimulating. I just feel naturally more energized. 

Verified Customer

a jar of clean NMN powder on a table

I was a little skeptical at first but honestly felt like I had better energy levels within a week or so of taking it. Really looking forward to the long term benefits. 

Verified Customer

I've been doing a lot of research about this ingredient for awhile now and the studies, although somewhat new, are extremely promising. I feel like I notice much of benefits described. I would highly recommend it to anyone who yearns for the energy that had when they were younger.

Verified Customer

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